Monday, June 3, 2013

more pou tips and tricks

hi! hola! im back!

these are some tips and tricks for the update that has the garden and playground..

1. for the garden, use the cloud to water the flowers if they wither. you can also water pou when he is dirty. its fun to watch.

2. for the playground, shoot the ball to get as many consecutive balls as you can. shoot it on the green wall thing. from the 0 tho the 4th goal, it will stay where it is. for the 5th to the 10th goal, it will move and so on....

3. try to save coins for level up purchases, clothes, food, etc. it is better to wait than to unlock right away for other things or use the level-up trick to make it faster.


  1. Hi!I love pou so I am going to say this trick:in the playground if you shout the ball inside the green wall it counts as goal and the pou can not catch it.!I hope help someone this trick.THANKS A LOT:-) swimmer_pou_


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